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  • Alan Oates
    Director Marino Counselling and Psychotherapy

    To whom it may concern, When I set up my counselling centre I did what I think most counselling businesses do and add Google Calendar to the business operations plan; tell therapists to book in advance and share the calendar. It is easy and generally the stable diet of most counselling centres, I didn’t even realise there was a better option, because no one talks about other options. Again, being stuck in my ways it took a little cajoling from Justin in therapy rooms to convince me to try his system and I can say without a doubt I am delighted that I did. The online booking system is absolutely fantastic, I regular get comments from therapists about how easy it is to use and one therapist saying the words “thank god you changed your booking system. The time I am saved is a massive reason for me staying with this system. No clunky calendars to go through, nobody asking me which room is which? (The description box is a god send), no double bookings, no new therapists asking me to share a calendar, I simply say go to therapy rooms and book away! Justin was kind enough to give me twelve months for free, but I will be staying with this system indefinitely. All my therapists are now hooked into it and we are looking forward to therapists reaching us directly through a professionally managed booking service, as this is not currently something available anywhere in Ireland

  • The Insight Clinic

    I have been using the online booking to schedule my appointments on a regular basis here in Cork Therapy Rooms. I never ever have any problems and I have been with Therapy Rooms now for years. I must say the whole idea is set out in a great and very approachable and clear way. It is very easy to use it. I love the idea of being able to book and cancel online as well as there is a choice between paying online "now" or later. How handy considering sessions are cancelled sometimes in the last minute! There is also a possibility to have a chat online if you have any issues or questions and communication is fantastic. No delays whatsoever in responses. And finally you can also access it with your phone or PC or with your tablet. The choice is yours! I can definitely strongly recommend it soi don’t think twice!

  • Sebastian Green Emeritus
    Professor of Management UCC

    I have been using Therapy Rooms Victoria Cross for my privatecoaching sessions for the last few years and have found the online booking system great for scheduling my appointments at this excellent venue. The booking system provides an easy and effective way of checking future availability and gives me a full record of all the rooms I have booked.

  • Nollaig McSweeney
    Behaviour Therapist (DBT)

    I have been using the Therapy Rooms online booking system for over a year now. Despite my own difficulties with technology in general I have mastered this system (with some guidance) which is testament to it's ease of use!! I can check room availability, book and pay in a few simple steps. Having a record of past and future bookings is beneficial and easy to access. I can highly recommend this online booking system.

  • Fran Maloney
    CHP. Adv Dip Hyp

    I have been using online booking for clinics in The Therapy Rooms Victoria Cross Cork for almost five years. I have found the system to be very professional and simple to use. Having the ability to confirm appointments in real time has been a great asset for my business. There is no need to Text, call, or email, thus eliminating the potential loss of time and business, that waiting for replies can, and does cause. Being able to confirm, reschedule, and pay for appointments in one simple process, has saved me both time and and money. When clients call me, I just sign in and I can see what appointments are available, and match this to my clients requirements. A very smooth and simple process, that I know has has added to the efficient running my business.

  • Sile Walsh
    Coaching Psychology for Indivduals, Groups & Organisations

    Using an online booking system with Therapy rooms has streamlined my booking rooms in Cork city. I have been using it for over 5 years and it has been the most valuable aspect to the therapy rooms service. I can book as soon as clients confirm a time and cancel when they do. No errors, no waiting for confirmation and no stress. I have been offered rooms at a lower rate but declined as the booking system makes my life easier and my work schedule manageable. I am expanding my service to Limerick and Dublin and will be using the booking system for this also.

  • Jolanta O'Keeffe Terapia

    I have been using the Therapy Rooms online booking system for over a year now. Despite my own difficulties with technology in general I have mastered this system (with some guidance) which is testament to it's ease of use!! I can check room availability, book and pay in a few simple steps. Having a record of past and future bookings is beneficial and easy to access. I can highly recommend this online booking system.

  • Alan Hacket

    I have being a customer of Therapy Rooms for over two years and have booked almost 500 hours online. I find it a great service, ideal location and very reasonably priced. Atmosphere is serene and other users are very friendly. Choice of rooms is great depending on your requirements. Booking the room couldn't be easier as everything is done online once you set up your account and all bookings are saved to your history which is great for logging your hours. You can also cancel appointment online giving 24 hrs notice.

  • Nollaig McSweeney
    Behaviour Therapist (DBT)

    Therapy rooms are very easy to book online you can see in advance which room you are getting and what furniture is there. Highly recommend it

  • Derek Morgan Carnegie
    Counselling Centre Glebeview House River Mall Swords

    I have advertised with Therapy Rooms over the last 3 years. I have had a great response from people interested in renting space and would highly recommend it as a cost efficient way of growing business.

  • Shelly Flanagan
    - is an excellent way to advertise therapy rooms , it's professional service has helped me to reach more therapists looking for rooms than I could have done through other advertising mediums. I'd highly recommend it.

  • GP Practice Merrion Road
    Dublin 4

    Thanks very much for allowing me to advertise. I found the site great and I got many enquiries. I found my two tenants through the site. Its a great service you offer

  • Rohit Semwal

    I have received a great deal of benefit from being listed on your site Short term room to rent, medical room to rent- so thank you for the help and assistance in getting referrals that I would otherwise have never connected with. I appreciate it! Keep up the good work!

  • Sinead O'Brien

    I am thrilled with the simplicity of the Victoria Cross Therapy Rooms online booking service. I have 24/7 visibility to room availability and booking online is so easy. This is a seamless service and the rooms are superb. I would highly recommend these facilities.


Reward your customers loyalty by creating Discount credit plans, (1 credit = €1) As an example, if the standard hourly rate is €15 per hour. You create a plan giving 810 credits for €600, this translates to a 26% discount off the normal room rate meaning the customer would pay only €11.10 per hour. You're in control, design your own plans, this is a No cost option of having our Bespoke booking platform.

Based on the input above

This is your credit plan

810.81 Credits

Pay €600

Average cost is 11.10 per hour

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Add a listing or just generate a "Book Now" button that can be added or embeded in your website, blog or social media page.

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Our booking system lets your customers see and book your available timeslots within second, no checking, no follow up calls with just a few clicks the room is booked.


Users Find your Listing and book

Manage your bookings

Our fully responsive site functions on any PC, Tablet or mobile, log in anywhere to see you schedule.

Plan for first use

After creating a profile for your room or business, add your available time slots, give details of your services, and create your book now button.

Start with the basics

Every listing is different. how you present yours is up to you. We strongly recommend you use really good photos to display your profile.


Your listing, your users and who pays who

What to Charge

What you charge is up to you, we can help you set your price

How you get paid ?

We have integrated PayPal, but you can always choose direct Deposit or cash when you meet your client.

How We Get Paid

Adding a Directory listing is completely free if you are using our Scheduling software. However if you just want to advertise, there is a monthly fee. The scheduling software is charged at a percentage of the net completed bookings. If you have no bookings you pay no fees. Click here to see up to date pricing.




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